So easy is the loan process with us.

It is incredibly important to us that our product is transparent so you have no doubt what you are going for. In addition, it is important to us that our loan process is easy and simple for you who wish to take out our loan.

Our loan process

Our loan process

Here we will briefly describe the loan process we have at Twin Rider.

It all starts on our website

You can find our entire loan process at Twin Rider, where you can also handle the entire process from loan application to approval of your loan.

Find loan amount and loan period

The first part of the loan process itself deals with your choice of loan amount and loan period. On our front page you can easily calculate what the costs will be in different loan scenarios with us. We advise all our clients to be clear about their needs and repayment options before the loan is taken up.

Registration with Twin Rider

In order for us to pay off the loan with you, you must fill in a number of information about yourself. Here is a simple registration with Twin Rider, where you simply fill in this information:

  • Social Security number
  • Bank details (registration and account number)
  • Phone number
  • Monthly income
  • expenses
  • Email
  • Password

When you have completed this step, you will get a profile from Twin Rider, which will primarily be used for the current loan, but this can also be used in the future.

Sign with NemID

Now we have reached the last part of the loan process where you have to sign with your NemID. This step allows us to confirm who you are and to issue the loan to the right person. This security is created both to increase your security when you take out the loan and to enable us to make the necessary credit rating.

Now the entire loan process is complete and you will have received your loan application within minutes. If you are approved, you already have the money in your account within two business days.

Should doubts arise?

Should doubts arise?

Then our customer service is always ready to answer any questions you may have during the loan process. 

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