Loans for companies in difficulty: anti-crisis financing

The need for liquidity exposes companies, especially small businesses in difficulty, to the risk of having to pay high disbursements in an attempt to find the necessary money to overcome the moment of crisis.

A problem which, due to current problems, has become acute and chronic for an increasing number of companies that are increasingly proven from every point of view, with an increase in the fragility of the financial structure. To solve this kind of problem, the request for loans does not always become the solution to follow , both for the difficulties that a company in crisis has in obtaining loans, and for the weight of the overall interest rates applied.

However, this is a problem that can be overcome both thanks to European funding , normally provided by its regions, and through specifically created “anti-crisis” funds.


Loans for companies in difficulty: starting from revolving funds

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One of the most important revolving funds was established (and is managed) by the Astro Finance , to which SACE’s intervention is added, which acts as a guarantee, increasing the chances of accessing credit, and above all at more advantageous conditions . These are loans with a duration of over 12 months, designed to breathe new life in a time of difficulty.

Numerous revolving funds are also allocated to the various Regions, but it is important to note that the possibility of using funds for cash rebalancing or to support the strengthening of the financial structure is not excluded in the regulation.


Loans for small businesses in crisis from the private banking system

Loans for small businesses in crisis from the private banking system

The ABI has been asked several times to offer concrete help to the difficult moment experienced by the credit sector. Therefore various initiatives have been activated to facilitate access to credit, even to those companies that do not qualify for participation in one of the active calls intended specifically for the production or services sector.

After the moratorium on mortgages , the time has come to allocate special funds, partly usable also for liquidity difficulties, as happened recently with the distribution of 400 million dollars from the EB and related intermediation by the Best bank. To be updated on business initiatives, you need to look in the ABI section, under “business support”.

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